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Icy road accidents in mild winters pr. 100 km!

1 accident when spreading brine with nozzles!


2½ accident when spreading salt normally (prewetted salt spreaders)!


4 accident when spreading salt with kombi (most expensive and most advanced salt spreader)!

The counts are police reported accidents pr winter every 100 km 2 lane road preventive salted in the Funen municipalities: Assens, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Kereteminde, Middelfart, Nordfyns, Nyborg and Svendborg and the stat roads in the winters 2014-2017. In the same way pr 100 km in one direction on the Motorway on Funen.

In the counts are now

- 180 km road where salt are spread as brine with nozzles

- 640 km road where salt are spread with dish spreaders

- 250 km Motorway in one direction (2 * 125 km)

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How does it work?

Brine as anti-icing is similar to how cooking oil prevents food from sticking to the frying pan.

It forms a bond-breaker between the pavement surface and the snow and ice layer which reduces the chance that ice will form and bond to the surface.